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A Customized Plan For Permanent Weight Loss!

The Diet Doc is the answer to failed cookie-cutter, template-driven dieting programs. In an industry plagued by a 98% failure rate, The Diet Doc synergizes the science and support necessary for enduring client success.
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Over 100,000 pounds lost
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Learn to Lose Weight & Keep It Off

Download Chapter 1 of our book, 50 Days to Your Best Life, for a crash course in understanding your Metabolism.

You'll learn how to build your metabolism to maximal levels by using precise meal planning, all made easy with a detailed exchange list. Learn the importance of your own unique genetic metabolic rate, and understand how to positively influence your metabolic rate functionally — up to your genetic maximum — with the right amount, the right sources, and right combinations of food.

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What's The Diet Doc Secret?

Did you see my picture up there? I get it; I’ve been on the yo-yo pendulum of unhealthiness and I’ve been on the side of obsessiveness. The thing was neither were sustainable and practical for me.

So what makes The Diet Doc approach different from the other fad diets/lifestyle gimmicks? Well, it’s not a gimmick at all. It uses real evidence-based nutritional science and behavior psychology to create a sustainable nutrition plan right for you. Something adherable and enjoyable – structure and flexibility. Something with no “off-limit” foods where you can dine out confidently with no guilt. Something practical because you’re learning the necessary life skills and tools to make the plan enduring. Something that provides you that ongoing support and feedback when you’re trapped in a corner or not making the progress as expected. It is a real life sustainable and supportive plan for everyday individuals who want to be lean and healthy without fearing of having to diet again.

So what’s the secret then?

Frankly, the real secret is that there is no secret. The Diet Doc advocates a lifestyle that can be adopted for as long as you live. That’s because The Diet Doc means much more than just a diet – it is an outlook on life, it’s how you view yourself, it’s how you want your life to be. It’s a paradigm shift towards health and wellness and you’re the center of it.

Want to live your best self and never have to diet again? I’d love to connect with you!

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Age: 48
This is by far the best system for weight loss and nutrition. I now find myself making better choices almost automatically. The flexibility and practicality of the program allows people to be successful even with busy schedules and travel....
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Age: 62
One needs to commit to a healthy lifestyle change, which starts with making small, progressive, healthier nutrition choices. With Kevin and The Diet Doc system, we established mutual measurable goals, he formulated a sustainable nutrition p...
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Age: 61
Kevin is persistent, a very good coach and offers great encouragement. Kevin helped me become more aware of the choices I was making, learning to track what I eat, and understanding what foods are better for losing weight and overall nutrit...
KW's full testimonial
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