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How is Sustainable Weight Loss Achieved?
Kevin Brunacini
in Nutrition, Motivation, Fitness
December 01, 2017
1 minute read
What is the biggest obstacle to thriving health? It's weight loss maintenance.
The Impact of Music on Fitness Performance
Kevin Brunacini in Fitness
June 06, 2015 · 6 minutes read
June 7th 2015 in Fitness The Impact of Music on Fitness Performance Overture. Beethoven, The Beatles, Palestrina, Led Zeppelin, Morten Lauridsen, Pearl Jam, Bach, Rush(!), Mendelssohn, some cool hip-hop artist that I will not pretend I know
R&R: 8 Ways to Prevent Muscle Soreness
Kevin Brunacini in Fitness
January 12, 2015 · 4 minutes read
Starting a workout program can be daunting. Making the time to exercise, creating a balanced routine, and setting goals are hard enough, but add to that the muscle soreness that comes with adapting to that regimen, and it may be difficult t
9 Tips for Fitness Success
Kevin Brunacini in Fitness
January 01, 2015 · 8 minutes read
As the cliché goes it's January, a new year, so time to dig out those neon-colored sneakers and get to work with whatever fitness program collecting dust. If you're not at your goal weight in 2 weeks, you might as well just give up! Sadly,