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The Resurrection Program

This program is for the person who wants complete access support. If you want to say “goodbye” to your old ways and “hello” to a completely re-vamped lifestyle, you will be hand walked through this program day by day – with it a renewal incentive is offered. If you dive in with enthusiasm, apply the skills, and progress how you envision, you and I will review your progress and discount your renewal fee accordingly (dropping as low as $199/month). Otherwise, programming may resume for another round and re-evaluate.

5 weeks for $599 (total cost)†

What you’ll get:
  • Personalized macronutrient ranges
  • Sample meal plan tailored to your preferences
  • 1 mandatory weekly email check-in to monitor progress & make adjustments to your program
  • Access to a Facebook group where you'll see recipes, meal plans, tips & tricks, motivational videos, and the support of our entire coaching staff as well as a community of clients
  • 24/7 access to the online classroom where you’ll follow along with the weekly videos and podcasts
  • 1 Skype/FaceTime/phone call per week to review the program and discuss the upcoming week
  • Unlimited email/secondary forms of communication with me throughout the program, even outside of business hours
  • Daily monitoring of your food logs
  • A hard copy of “50-Days to Your Best Life” and personal food diary
  • Receive up to 4 exclusive Mental Edge podcasts

†Program cost is $599. By clicking "buy now" you agree to the terms stated. Programs are not exchangeable or transferable. Purchase of this program is a legally binding contract.

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