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Reviews & Testimonials


Age: 33
The Diet Doc system is a much different approach than anything else I've ever tried. I liked the science behind it and the fact that it was geared toward my personal needs instead of being a cookie-cutter diet that was the same thing for ev...
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Age: 61
Kevin is persistent, a very good coach and offers great encouragement. Kevin helped me become more aware of the choices I was making, learning to track what I eat, and understanding what foods are better for losing weight and overall nutrit...
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Age: 48
This is by far the best system for weight loss and nutrition. I now find myself making better choices almost automatically. The flexibility and practicality of the program allows people to be successful even with busy schedules and travel....
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Age: 55
With Kevin, he was very honest, timely, consistent, and thorough with the education and support throughout the process. The Diet Doc system was different than past weight loss programs because it taught me about habitual change conducive to...
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Age: 62
One needs to commit to a healthy lifestyle change, which starts with making small, progressive, healthier nutrition choices. With Kevin and The Diet Doc system, we established mutual measurable goals, he formulated a sustainable nutrition p...
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